Lego Minifig COmputer Programmer
Image by wiredforlego via Flickr provided under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Gamification is everywhere these days, changing over mundane tasks you dread into something where you can’t wait to achieve the next skill level. With a small bit of creative re-framing you can see managing your office network as much the same as managing your social presence.

1. SET UP YOUR YOUR BIO or: Understand your network infrastructure

This is the first step to resolving any issue in the future. It’s recommended to map out each device for reference. You should know the exact locations in a server stack of each piece of hardware, its model number and how old it is. This goes for routers, switches, endpoints, firewalls, and any other network hardware. It’s tedious to compile, but of vital importance when something goes wrong, saving time, money and aggravation.

2. TAKE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE or: Implement a SNMP (simple network monitoring protocol) monitoring strategy

Track and review various components of your wired and wireless network to identify ones that may cause trouble in the long run. The first part of recognizing what is abnormal in your network is understanding what is normal. So collecting your trouble tickets, complaints, and network failures such as basic data log on warnings and errors will give you your basic profile.

3. FILL OUT YOUR INTERESTS or: Set up alerts

You don’t have the time or the resources to have someone watch over the network all day. To minimize any network issues, you can opt for solutions that monitor your network's health with programmed alerts. You can set them up for almost anything, CPU usage, latency, bandwidth, disk space, temperature and software updates.

Monitoring software needs to be calibrated based on your normal use. If many departments backup their data at a specific time, usage alerts should be raised during those times to avoid needless concern.

4. KEEP UP WITH YOUR ACTIVITY or: Keep the Software Records updated

Viruses are the bane of any networks heath. Make sure you upgrade antivirus and antimalware software on time. Don’t miss out on updates, otherwise, the rest of your work can be rendered useless. Locking your car doors is not so clever if you leave all your windows down. Have your staff check for updates frequently and keep track of the latest versions available.

5. UNPLUG FROM IT ALL or: the benefits of Slice Solutions

If all this seems too much, or if you don't want to find out what kind of instagram comments your server rack gets, you can easily enough hand these problems onto someone skilled at it. If you don't already have a complete social network presence for your business, we’ll do the hard stuff and get you started. Slice will perform an on-site review and give you a baseline that we will use to set up your alerts and software updates without paying a hefty sum. Find reliable wireless internet connectivity services with Slice Wireless Solutions. Our three step installation service is quick, easy, and efficient!

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