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We all have various needs, but there are some absolute basics these days: food, water, and good Wi-Fi. In our world of always on connections, every event needs to be able to supply a way for your attendees to log-on and stay updated. Specing out what equipment you need requires looking at a few key factors, and makes sure your event runs smoothly, even if the presentation in Booth J5 does not.

Access Points

Access points dictate the number of people who can connect to your Wi-Fi at the same time. This means estimating not just attendees, but vendors as well; working out those folks who will stay on the entire time, vs the people just popping on for a few minutes here and there. Once you get a rough breakdown of those numbers, a good wireless partner can help you choose the routers and infrastructure that matches up to the required access points.


Now that you know how many connections, it's time to look at how much bandwidth you can expect to handle. Nothing can derail a potential sale or business meeting faster than a slow Wi-Fi connection. Keep in mind, a rough estimate can change a lot depending on the nature of the crowd. Knitting expo versus a consumer electronics meeting can demand wildly different amounts. Surprisingly, clothing vendors burn through data at a very high rate. So knowing your audience is key here. For events of 100 people in a low-use case you would need 100Mb. Around 500, some events will want to provide 1,500Mb. Above 1,000 folks, you would need to review a host of other details with a wireless service provider.

Square Footage

The final metric in determining your events Wi-Fi infrastructure requirements is square footage. All routers are not created equal, and what can cover an outdoor festival can fall far short in a pre-war warehouse. Your wireless partner can help you figure what will work so customers maintain a seamless connection throughout the event. A wireless partner’s experience and deep knowledge with geo targeting high-traffic, mission critical areas can save you from bottlenecking issues.

Event Portal Pages

An overlooked place to reinforce your brand is the event portal page. It can help market your brand or display you event’s message to make the right impression on event attendees. Further, event partners will often pay to be featured prominently on the one page nearly everyone is likely to see.


If you’re in need of temporary wireless internet services for an event in the Tristate area, then Slice Wireless Solutions can help you out. Based in Manhattan, they offer event Wi-fi services as well as network installation services to businesses and organizations.

Slice offers a quality service, offering strong connections and great speed to suit your needs. Additionally they boost brand reach by designing attractive splash portals for their clients. Call them at (212) 868-6900 and they will make sure your event’s Wi-Fi can handle your demands smoothly and without complication.

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