Wi-Fi isn’t just a “nice to have” accessory to your internet connection anymore. It has now become the primary method for connecting end-user devices. And as the reliance on enterprise-grade Wi-Fi continues to grow, it is now more important than ever for business establishments to deploy reliable Wi-Fi solutions that fulfill the needs of their employees as well as visitors at large.

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Setting up a reliable Wi-Fi network for your workplace doesn't have to be a bad experience. Here at Slice Wireless Solutions, we understand the distinction between consumer Wi-Fi products, and their business-centric models. As Mark Twain would say, ‘The difference between almost right and right is really a large matter - it’s the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning’.
Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi hardware is designed to provide rock-solid performance with 99.9% uptime and immense load. But many businesses still opt for cheaper consumer grade Wi-Fi equipment, only to have the organization outgrow its usage quickly.

The Hardware Required For Robust Wi-Fi in the Workplace

A business-centric Wi-Fi deployment plan will incorporate the following pieces to create a fast and reliable connection that will benefit the employees and visitors alike:

Wireless Routers

These are the heart of a Wi-Fi network. The current standard is the 802.11ac router that has superior capabilities for streaming smooth videos over large networks and ensures a better online gaming experience. Older routers are considerably slower compared to it.
The AC router will connect straight to the modem and everything else will connect wirelessly to this router.

Access Point

Access Points let wireless networks connect to an existing internet connection. These are called Access Points because it is through these a user accesses the internet. Enterprise grade APs should be able to withstand bad weather and ameliorate a poor connection.


Most APs can function as a Gateway and Repeater as well. The Gateway helps create a standard internet connection and brings it to the designated Wi-Fi zone.


These extend the size of the Wi-Fi zone by repeating the Internet connection over radio waves.

Using existing equipment

Businesses with an existing private Wi-Fi network can expand their capabilities safely to include public or guest access. Some small office Wi-Fi routers also offer guest access features. It’s best to talk to a wireless network installation expert at our offices to find out what it would take to give your offices quality Wi-Fi access.

Wi-Fi Solutions for Offices and Organizations

We are experts at providing cost-effective Wi-Fi solutions. Whether you need temporary Wi-Fi at a local festival, a 10,000-attendee event at an expansive warehouse, or superior connectivity for all visitors to your shopping center, we can cater it all.

We only use best-in-class equipment and deploy some of the most experienced engineers in the industry to work on your project. Learn more about our corporate network installation services here.

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