Manhattan Street View - Renting person Wifi hotspots

You’ve heard the horror stories of friends gone to visit Manhattan, and after a week of seeing museums, waiting in lines for broadway shows, eating some of the most delicious and some of the most overpriced food in the US, walking endlessly, going over the bridge, waiting in lines to leave the bridge and more they come home. But they come back to not just tired feet and too many new bags, but sometimes with a ridiculous data bill for hundreds more than they are used to!

Slice can provide you with a personal Wi-Fi hot spot to save you from those bills.

Having your own Wifi in New York

View of handheld hotspot, with Empire State Building in background Probably the easiest way to avoid the problem is to turn off your phone's data. But what about looking up where the nearest avocado toast place is?! How will you post to Instagram the guy walking down 4th avenue with a cat on his head? You need to be sure it has the Perpetua filter on it...right-now!

Slice Wi-Fi, has an inexpensive option for you and your traveling companions; whether they are family, friends, or co-workers. Our portable Wifi Spots are able to provide fast, mobile wi-fi access for 5 devices wherever you wander for a mere $30/day!

This lets you stay connected and updated on everything going on. The Wi-Fi signal provides fast speed to multiple devices, for a fraction of the coast of roaming fees or those provided by hotels. We can deliver a personal Wi-Fi device to you in Manhattan and northern Brooklyn, or you can come pick up from our office, right by Madison Square Garden/Penn Station. For folks traveling further, we can ship to your hotel the day you arrive and have it shipped back to our office.

  • Posting to social media sites
  • Navigating in the city
  • Suggestions from friend & apps
  • Getting an Uber at night
  • Sending work documents on the go

In other words, all of your regular needs without any of the high billing your friends might have suffered. Be sure to schedule your Personal Wi-Fi device either before you get here or when you arrive. Contact us at:

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