Event WiFi Setup Best Practices

Every event manager knows that event production is a hectic industry. Check out this video for few quick tips on what to expect and how to prepare for your next event.


Event production is a hectic industry. There are so many different aspects involved in arranging a successful event that it can become very easy for something to fall through the cracks. We see it all the time with WiFi. Viewed more as a necessity rather than an amenity, WiFi is becoming a MUST-HAVE if you plan on throwing an event. Event managers often see WiFi as a required line item and think “I’ll bring in my wireless router from home, turn it on and voila, WiFi access for all 300 attendees”. In a perfect world this would make sense, in the real world, it’s a recipe for disaster. Setting up event WiFi is a bit (to say the least) more complicated than setting up a wireless network at home.

To help make their lives a little easier, we developed this video to help event managers better understand what to look for when attempting to purchase and setup WiFi access for an event.

Contributors: Eugene Vnuk & Alex Yakubov

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