Outsource Your IT Department

Hesitating to outsource your IT department? 

Running an IT department can cost your company a lot of money and time. Training the IT staff, maintaining the IT devices, keeping the technology up-to-date and other factors can be a huge economic burden and a great security risk for small and medium-sized companies, especially for those without any technical experience.

If you are an executive of a small or medium sized company, this will be a headache for you and a disaster for the company’s budget. So why not let the experts take care of these things so you can focus on more critical business functions?

Here are the top 8 reasons why outsourcing IT department can help you:

  1. Reduce risk of making a wrong decision because of your lack of technical experience.

    Our technicians sleep, breathe and eat IT. Breakfast usually consists of tea, crackers and building a new employee station. Lunch, nobody has time for that, we’re busy closing tickets. Dinner, only if the job is done. Kidding! We do let our employees eat. We also make sure we hire trained personnel so that simple mistakes and wrong decisions won’t happen in your environment.
  2. Keep your technology up-to-date easily and effortlessly

    Basically we help automate mundane task that could be done but definitely won’t be done regularly by your everyday employees. This includes virus updates, software updates, patches, backups, inventory auditing and additional items, we would tell you more but you would have to hire us first.
  3. Enable yourself to provide higher efficiency and better quality of service

    We’re like the oil to your well-oiled machine. Sure you could work without the oil, but it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Can you go a few miles? Yes. Can you win the race? Absolutely not. Enough oil talk, we’re a green company, but the point is still the same. Technology that works smoothly will enable your employees to work without hiccups (technology hiccups at least). What quality of service do you think your customer service representative will provide when he’s starring at a frozen computer screen?
  4. Eliminate the need to worry about the discontinuity of work caused by employee turnover

    It’s a scary subject and in a world growing more and more dependent on technology, this becomes a real issue. Do you have a policy in place to prevent discharged employees from using their existing company credentials to wreak havoc on your organization? And even if you do, how quick can you get that done? With GGGroup, it’s as easy as sending an e-mail.
  5. Receive professional advice from qualified IT experts

    Once our technicians and engineers disconnect from their stations (they need some time to adjust to real life, earth’s atmosphere, etc.) they can actually be quite pleasant and talkative. Our techs are always willing to talk and educate our clients. We have dedicated account managers who will check in as much or as little as you want. We issue our professional technology recommendations, review previous services received, ask about your kids and even exchange a recipe or two… I made some awesome fried chicken yesterday…
  6. Obtain access to state-of-the-art technology that might be too expensive to purchase but is critical in maintaining your companies daily operations

    “I see what I can do for you, but what can you do for me?” said every potential client ever. We will let you leverage all of our partnerships and relationships with technology vendors nationwide. You name it, we can get it for you, probably far below retail price as well.

  7. Create more time for you to develop your own business

    Your manager, director or C-level officer might be doing a great job filling as the on-call IT guy, but come on. Don’t they have bigger fish to fry… like running your business?! Leave technology to the pros. Leave it to GGGroup.

  8. Save money by paying a lower cost than handling IT issues as they occur

    Let’s end the chicken and the egg argument right now. Let’s a play back a recent conversation with a potential client

    Potential client: My technology is fine, everything works, why should I pay you a monthly fee to maintain something that isn’t broken?

    Me: Everything works now, but what happens tomorrow? All it takes is one employee whose intentions aren’t even all that bad. Let’s say a new album comes out and Employee A decided to download it on a work desktop, turns out he didn’t download an album but a new virus and it begins wreaking havoc on all your work desktops, all of a sudden your error messages have their own messages. What do you do next?

    Potential client: I don’t know, I’ll call some random IT support company

    Me: You could do that, but chances are they won’t be familiar with your current configurations and will need some time to review everything; on top of that, their invoice is sure to feature verbiage like “Expedited, Rush, Emergency” or in some cases they’ll just write “this will cost an arm and a leg”.

    Potential client: *coughs awkwardly*

    Me: Right, so now you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, you could shell out all this money and fix the problem, or you can stand firm and research other options, which will all feature the same verbiage, meanwhile, your core business functions are paralyzed, preventing you from making any income at all.

    Potential client: So why would you guys help?

    Me: We focus on proactive IT, not reactive IT. Bottom line is, we’ll setup and monitor your systems so that such an issue can NEVER happen. And if small hiccups arise, our help desk is always available to solve any issue and make sure your essential business functions stay consistent and on-going.

    Potential client: Where can I sign up….

These are just a glance of the advantages of outsourced IT department. Don’t be stubborn about IT management by keeping these functions in-house. Never let IT issues hinder your business.

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  Contributors: Alex Yakubov & Eugene Vnuk

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