VMWare: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Thinking about converting to a virtual desktop environment? Here's 5 reasons why we think you should.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is gaining popularity in businesses. The concept of VDI is easy to understand: instead of running a Windows system on each desktop PC, now you can host the OS on a virtual machine in a datacenter. The users will use a thin client protocol to connect to the virtualized desktop and then they can run the OS on their own device without ever installing it. According to the IDC’s research investing in desktop virtualization can result in significant business value with high return on investment. Here are some of the highlights:

  • After applying VDI, user downtime and time spent dealing with the help desk are reduced by 68% and 57%, respectively 
  • VDI can save over $480 over lower device and IT staff support costs per user per year
  • Improved productivity due to reduced downtime saves over $130 per user per year
  • Overall, VDI can save the company $610 per use per year

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Adopt (VDI) Virtual Desktop infrastructure:

1. Reduce the cost in upgrading or purchasing desktop computers

Computers can be outdated quickly in the fast developing technology trend. Traditionally, you have to upgrade both hardware and software on each computer in your company to switch to a new OS. With VDI, you can push the OS image from the datacenter to each of your users. It saves a lot of time and energy, additionally thin clients usually last longer than a desktop computer, which means you don’t need to upgrade as often.

2. Enhanced data security

VDI provides you with greater control over data security. Since all PCs are virtualized and based on servers and datacenters, important data will not be stored in individual devices. If one of your company’s devices is stolen, you have nothing to worry about other than getting a new device because the unauthorized person cannot access sensitive data from your lost device. In addition, you can offload data discovery functions to a virtual appliance to hide sensitive data.

3. Automate data disaster recovery to stop worst case scenarios from getting worse

Imagine your workplace is flooded or burned to ashes; of course all your computers become essentially unusable. You lose your data on those computers and you have no idea how to restart your business again. According to DTI, 43% of companies never reopen after a major data loss. The U.S Bureau of Labor indicates that 93% of companies that experience a data disaster are out of business within 5 years. These stats should be serious enough to let you think about your business data disaster recovery plan. VDI minimizes your losses. Your data is saved in a datacenter that is not located in your workplace meaning you can quickly reopen your business once the devices are ready.

4. No limitation on devices

BYOD just gets easier. With VDI, you are good to go with whatever device you use. Whether you use thin client, Windows, Mac, Linux, or even some rare system like Oracle Solaris, CentOS or Debian, most virtualization software covers them all. This broad support leaves your business with greater freedom to choose the system that suits your needs the best.

5. Boost efficiency by providing easier management

Managing hundreds of desktops has never been as easy as when you apply VDI to the business. You can allocate the resources with more elasticity or aggregate them in the way you want. Traditionally, users may need to waste time installing each application they need on each of their computers separately. VDI finishes the job for you at lightning fast speed.

Here you have it. If you are just getting familiar with VDI take these five benefits as your starting point. There are many virtual desktop infrastructure solutions on the market, looks them all up and pick the one which suits your business. Here at GGGroup, we use VMWare for our clients. To learn more about VMWare, contact us today.


Contributors: Alex Yakubov & Eugene Vnuk 


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