Why MSPs Should Train Clients 

This Valentine's Day, work on the relationship that really matters: the one between MSP and client. 

3 Benefits of Training New Clients

Valentine’s Day is upon us and if romantic comedies have taught us anything, it is that communication is crucial to a successful relationship. The relationship between a managed service provider (MSP) and their client is no different. Both parties must feel heard and understood. The best way to achieve this is for the MSP to set aside time to train clients early in the relationship.  Just as there are many benefits of training new employees, there are a delicious assortment of reasons MSPs should consider training new clients:

1.       Sharing will Lead to Trust

As services like WIFI become  increasingly integral to daily life, it is imperative that clients feel they can rely on their provider. A training session is an opportunity for the MSP to establish credibility with a new client by answering  any questions the client may have. The client comes away from the session confident that they have chosen a knowledgeable MSP.

2.     An Enlightened Client is a Loyal Client

When purchasing a good or service, it is rare that the customer is informed about anything other than the cost . Clients find their MSP’s transparent approach to service refreshing. Trained clients appreciate that the MSP has involved them in their process and look forward to future collaborations.

3.       The Promise of Training Attracts Great Clients

In most relationships, one partner attracting a new person leads to trouble but satisfied clients have been known to encourage others to meet with their MSP. Clients who may not be well-versed in IT matters but have a desire to learn will be intrigued by an MSP with a reputation for training its clients. These are precisely the kind of clients MSPs love to work with: eager and engaged.

A piece of relationship advice: training in the early stages of a relationship between client and MSP evens the foundation for a  successful partnership to be built.

SLICE: The Future of MSP-Client Interaction

GGGroup is gearing-up for a makeover of sorts. Within the next few weeks, we will be known as SLICE.  One of our first actions as SLICE will be to train our clients in our process, so they can be more involved in “mystery items” like ticket submission, procurement, and project planning. During the onboarding stage, new clients will watch video tutorials that elucidate these mystery items. The videos will also address topics like our referral program and technology related quick fix issues. As we embark on a new path, we are looking forward to sharing every step with our clients.

For more information on Slice services, contacts Sales @ 646-467-9630.

 By: Alannah Dragonetti

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