5 Reasons Why Windows 10 is Right for SMBs

How Can Microsoft's New OS Benefit Your Business?

Buckle up, guys! Summer has finally arrived, bearing its presents. And I am not talking about the return of warm weather and relaxing beach days (well, maybe a little). Instead, I am talking about all you SMBs out there, trying to upgrade your company’s OS within the next year. You guys are about to get real lucky. Why? Because as you begin reading this sentence, you’ll realize a smile of relief forming on your faces, because the new Windows 10 release this Summer is FINALLY here. And it’s here to “upgrade” your enthusiasm, spirit and energy of your company’s goals. I know you can’t contain your excitement, right? Well, try. Because there’s more:

Friendly User Interface

So what does this new, dynamic Windows 10 upgrade look like? Imagine this: A touchscreen-friendly user interface in a single every-device-friendly OS. But that’s just one piece of it. What if I told you that this new program also has its familiar element because of how it impeccably integrates the best of both Windows 7 and 8, which also means the return of the famous Windows “Start” button. This union of old and new makes users more comfortable and relieved and keeps them from feeling any kind of “culture shock.” Instead, they feel as if they’re walking into the same Windows world, but with easier, more manageable features. Isn’t that a dream for any small, medium and even big-sized business that is trying to run its operations as smoothly and fluidly as possible?

Windows 10 Start Screen

For all you impatient Windows’ enthusiasts, here’s a piece of advice: With Windows 10 being so irresistible, it is probably wise to wait for it, in case you are planning on upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. The reason is simple. With better configurations, and longer security updates, it is a smart decision to truly enjoy the ease and convenience of the newest version. They say patience is a virtue, and clearly, they say that kind of stuff for a reason. However, if your company is one of the few that still operates on XP, then upgrading now is your best bet.

All Devices as One

Okay so here’s more glorious news: Windows 10 has truly become the ambassador for universality. And by this I mean that no longer, will Windows be limited to just laptops and desktops. I mean, come on. It’s 2015, for crying out loud. With communication devices literally shrinking and become smaller and smaller to fit into our pockets, Windows 10 has expanded in better, bigger ways by making the program easily accessible and integrated with smart-watches, phones, tablets, personal computers and datacenter servers. This will all seamlessly take place via updates that will be installed with the digital assistant, Cortana, and ultimately, streamlining communication between devices. Incredible features of this epic technology would include voice command and web integration to the newly enhanced Spartan browser. What this integration will do will be to boost your company’s productivity, enabling searches and new information to be shared all devices.

Smarter Office

Office 365

Office for Windows 10 will also be designed to touch, as well as to support next-generation touchscreen devices like tablets, 2-in-1 PCs, and all-in-ones. Updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook will offer an unmistakable user experience without the use of a keyboard or mouse.


So listen up, SMBs. This part might be your favorite: As if taking advantages of the perks of two different versions of Windows wasn’t enough, if your hardware is only capable of operating Windows 7, you just got lucky again. Get this: Windows 10 requirements are the same as Windows 7! What does this mean? Well, you can stop worrying now. When things get this simple and convenient, a word like “worry” should be thrown out the “Window.” Yeah. I just did that.


Okay, I lied when I said SMBs will love the last reason most. If you decide to upgrade your Window OS within the first year of the Windows 10 launch, it’s free! Now, how free is free? Well for starters, the software is yours to reinstall whenever you so desire. Secondly, the free upgrade is a full version of Windows 10 and it could be a standalone install as well. Microsoft will also make the software downloadable as an ISO disk image, for those who want to keep it on a DVD or a USB memory key.

If your business wants to make the brilliant decision to switch to Windows 10, or learn more about how Slice can assist you in growing and developing your business to the next level, you need to do the following immediately: 1) contact us, 2) realize how brilliant your decision was and 3) let your business thrive and truly soak up the advantages of upgrading to a revolutionary version of Windows that will leave you speechless for a very long time.

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