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IT user experience (ITuX) matters as much as the IT

It’s long been established that the main requirement (for an exemplary IT installation) to maximize the output of a customer is by enabling a rich checklist of business performance features. Removing their old software platform so there is no alternative, extensive training, job security threats, enabling a 24x7 helpdesk (hopefully not in a foreign land), and a little luck, the technology is then generally accepted.

There is a growing contingency that an information technology user is far more important than the technology itself. Great unused technology can be found everywhere, in every company. IT companies are now being judged, not just on their ability to successfully implement technology, but also on the ability of the user to use it. An easy fix comes in the form of a little preplanning in the development of an ITuX plan along with your overall IT installation plan.

In order to achieve high-quality user experience within a company's IT efforts, one must include four ITuX basics: Review, Realign, Realize, and Reward:


  • Usability Evaluation - What is needed to have users up and running? For how long? What is the cost and effort?


  • Information Architecture Experience - How will the new technology benefits be organized, structured, and presented against previous activities?


  • User Interface Design - The design predetermines success by ensuring easy access, engaging interaction, and facilitation of the objective.


  • Visual Design - Mimics brand goals and rewards the user for following the new process.

Take SLICE Managed Solutions, a big believer in the ITuX approach and Top 500 Managed Service Provider Winner by CRN. They trust that small, but custom ITuX are the key to success. “Our goal is to make the user experience as good as the technological experience. For starters, clients are offered training programs either in person, on-site, or by video on how to make the most out of our service BEFORE installation, so we gather all the necessary data that will help with the user experience after installation…”

    “...In addition, even our ticketing system is specifically developed for each of our clients. For ease of use, we add a client’s branding look, and feel so they are comfortable with the change. Add custom coded drop down menus for common networking problems that might be encountered at their company, provide trusted IM clients, and even offer a dated calendar of when we will be on site (on top of our 24/7 support) so we can meet with users personally. Whether network or WiFi, SLICE Managed Solutions simply offers the ultimate Managed Services, Customer Care Experience.”

- Eddy Wong, President.

Heriberto Altieri, Manager of the Information Technology Office, International House is thrilled with the approach, “I can honestly say though, that residents are far more satisfied with the WiFi service than they were prior to bringing in SLICE Management.”



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