Slice redefines the way network security is delivered.


Slice includes particular security features designed for managing highly populated networks while simultaneously supporting network environments developed for revenue generation. Some SLICE security features include:

  • Stateful firewall, which dynamically alters packet filtering based on end user groups, IP addresses or MAC addresses. Filtering targets can be designated by DNS names, IP address and/or TCP ports. Filtering policies can be used to allow networks to generate revenue by enabling or disabling premium service offerings.
  • Behavioral intrusion detection capabilities can swiftly identify abusive end users. This feature can also be used to detect and quarantine malicious users attacking Slice from the WAN.
  • DPI engine that supports signature matching; compatible with industry standard rule formats that are widely available for detecting viruses, worms, malware, DoS attacks and other common problems.
  • Behavioral-and-signature-based malicious identification is integrated with the policy enforcement engine. This enables operators to separate and momentarily or permanently penalize, quarantine or ban abusive end users. 

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