Wireless Network Installation Services

Building Reliable Wireless Networks for Businesses and Organizations of All Shapes and Sizes.

Slice Wireless Solutions provides comprehensive wireless network installation services for your organization – no matter its size or structure. Consider a WiFi network installation to be like a game of chess. Anyone can hook up a wireless router to a modem and have WiFi, similarly anyone can move chess pieces around on a board; in both cases quality will be sacrificed without proper planning, strategy and expertise. Our wireless engineers are like chess grandmasters, they see 10 moves ahead, planning wireless networks to be effective both in the present and for the future, like a chess player planning his check-mate before the game even begins. Installing a wireless network is an art and we have the artists you need.

We follow a 3 step approach when installing wireless networks and are supported by a track record of consistency. Our on-site installation engineers will perform installation, configuration and testing of the system to confirm that everything is working properly, leaving you with a robust wireless network, specifically designed for your unique business needs.

We’ll Complete Your WiFi Installation in Just 3 Steps:

If you’re looking for a wireless network installation for your business, we can make it happen. When you hire Slice WiFi for a wireless installation, we follow a proven process to make sure your network is deployed right the first time.

Here’s a run through of our wireless network installation process:

  1. #1: We’ll come visit your space for a site survey.

    This will help give us an idea of what your wireless network needs will be. Our site survey professionals will perform a WiFi spectrum analysis to determine outside Wi-Fi interference, review existing configuration and performance, make access point placement recommendations and review the survey results.

    Is a site survey necessary? You bet it is. Without a site survey, your network will be as good as your guessing abilities… we’ll leave the guessing to our competitors. Our wireless experts need to understand:

    • Your environment – Is there a lot of interference, metal objects, or intervening structures?
    • Your range – Does your signal need to reach a longer distance?
    • Your devices – Will mobile devices be drawing heavily on this WiFi network?

  2. #2: We’ll come back with product recommendations scaled to your specific business requirements.

  3. Our technicians will show up with recommendations for a wireless system that’s perfect for your business, whether you need indoor or outdoor wireless access points, wireless controllers, or WiFi management software.

  4. #3: We’ll set up the wireless system, create your desired configurations and test the network to make sure everything is working as it’s supposed to.

    We will work with you or your team to perform the installation process, providing immediate technical resources to answer questions or provide insight. Depending on the scale of the project, our technicians may be able to configure your network in a matter of hours and be done before lunchtime!

To schedule a network installation for your business, please contact us.

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