Tips To Make Your Smart Home Secure

SLICE Up Hackers with Smart Home Security

Though a little ways off Disney’s 1999 film “Smart House,” high-tech smart homes are now a reality. Equipped with WiFi powered home appliances and devices such as electronic locks, thermostats, luminaries, smart refrigerators, etc… smart homes are bridging the gap between modern day living and The Jetsons. Unfortunately such luxuries don’t come without drawbacks in your smart home’s security. Front door locks can be breached, your refrigerator could be hacked, and your thermostat could be modified or used to track your movements throughout the household.

However, not all is lost! Our smart home tips will help prepare your home with simple configurations to lock the hackers out. After all, securing your home is very similar to running from a bear, you don’t have to be the fastest, you just don’t want to be the slowest.

Top 6 Tips To Make Your Smart Home Secure:

  1. WPA2 - When originally configuring your WiFi network, choose WPA2 as your security protocol as it offers a higher standard of protection than regular WEP or WPA security. Along with making your selection of security measures, the password you use is just as important in keeping intruders out of your network and home. Perhaps instead of a simpler password such as an anniversary or birthday, you could opt for something more hacker-repelling like “CIADatabase” or “Guantanamo.” It is also recommended to use numbers and special characters in your password as they complicate the nature of the entire password.  

  1. Audit Devices - Limit your vulnerability by reducing the amount of connected devices on your home network. You may find yourself not using the WiFi capabilities of home automation devices like smart WiFi coffee makers or WiFi washer and dryers, or alternatively only use their WiFi capabilities at a bare minimum. For devices which see little to no use of its WiFi capabilities, it’s better to keep the device disconnected from the network until you find use for its networking features. Keeping too many devices or even outdated devices on the network can accommodate hackers more than the owner by creating network vulnerabilities and ultimately granting hackers access to your home network.

  1. Update Software - Innovation is the name of the game. Keeping your devices updated is of utmost importance in both your everyday usage of the device and in its security against malicious threats. With every firmware update, devices arm themselves with stronger security measures, fix bugs within its OS, and at times completely revamp the device with a new feature which is only beneficial to protecting you and your home.

  1. Separate Networks - Creating a second home network for home automation appliances and maintaining cellular and computer traffic on the original network is a top-notch security protocol. Even if hackers manage to take control of your light switches, they won’t have access to sensitive information located on the original network such as passwords, banking information, personal documents, etc.

  1. Hide Your Networks - In addition to keeping your personal network and home automation network separate, home owners can go the extra mile by configuring wireless routers to not broadcast its name, essentially hiding it from hackers. Though no network is 100% invisible and truly determined professional hackers are practically impossible to guard against, measures such as these make their tasks much harder to accomplish and can discourage hackers from the challenge.

  1. Firewall/SLICE - Setting up a Firewall is a critical step in securing any network. Though most devices come with a pre-installed firewall activated by default, others may need to be purchased. Firewalls range immensely in price from a hefty wad of cash to completely free of charge. It’s best to first understand your security needs and determine the reliability of the firewalls matching your criteria. Alternatively homeowners could opt for IT Network Service companies like SLICE Managed Solutions. Companies such as these offer firewall services, backup and disaster data loss protection, network monitoring and management, and could assist in making a smart home. Most importantly Slice Managed Solutions will alleviate the massive headache and stress brought on by the sheer task of maintaining a secure smart home.

In years ahead, the Internet of Things will certainly have recruited many more gadgets to its collection that jeapordize smart home security. SLICE Managed Solutions has the tools and experience required to help you get ready for the IoT and any other technological dilemma that comes your way. To learn more about how SLICE Managed Solutions can help protect your home or business contact us today!

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