about the Internet of Things

Read this post. Your future self will thank you, most likely via Internet.

Would Your Passwords Pass Inspection?

Stronger passwords. No leg day required.

Business Agility 

Try getting the song out of your head.


Net Neutrality 

Disclaimer: Reading this article will make you an authority on the issue of net neutrality. SLICE Managed Solutions is not responsible for any hurt feelings that arise from all of the heated debates you will inevitably start and win.


Digital Currency vs Virtual Currency 

If you like money, you will love this article.


CYOD 011 

We all know that more money leads to more problems, but could less choices lead to less problems? We weigh the pros and cons of CYOD.


To P2P or Not To P2P V1 

Notorious for being the preferred file sharing method of media pirates, P2P has found redemption in the corporate world. Arrr you likely to benefit from installing P2P software on your company's computers? (We'll see ourselves out.)


Summer action movies portray stars like Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, and Liam Neeson as heroes in various hostage situations, but these guys  are useless when your data is being held for ransom. Once again, it is SLICE to the rescue!



The highlight of this year's WWDC was Apple's new HomeKit. We discuss HomeKit's capabilities, marketability, and everything in between!


Estimating Bandwidth Requirements for Your Event 

The passage of time brings higher standards for events (a high speed Internet connection!) but also the technology to meet them (online bandwidth calculators!). Let SLICE be your guide as you plan an event for the ages! 

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